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KineMaster is an app that can helps you become a professional video maker using your mobile smartphone or any other mobile devices.

KineMaster allows you to create a great and a very unique videos of you. With KineMaster or so called KineMaster Pro, you can edit your videos or movies on the go. It is easy for everyone to use.

Of the many applications to edit the video for Android that exists, we could say that KineMaster is the best. The reason is, this application is equipped with a variety of complete features. Even just with KineMaster Pro, you can also produce quality videos for YouTube account content and short movies.

KineMaster app supports multi-layer functionality, so you can add text, music, photos, and even other videos within a project. The settings can also be adjusted easily. As an example, you can provide backgrounds only on certain parts, eg in additional images, text, or overall video. The size of the music volume also can be adjusted easily. So, it’s up to you. You can create a video as you like, as you want.

KineMaster Pro Video Editor

KineMaster: Professional Mobile Video Editing

Living in this mobile era makes us include flexibility aspect more and more. Anytime and anywhere you found a good idea and good object to be filmed and produce it into a high-quality video becomes a need for a video publisher. KineMaster comes and offers a solution for someone who needs higher flexibility to produce high-quality video.

KineMaster offers interesting features for video publisher such as:

  • Precision Editing
    Video clips and layers can be trimmed precisely at frame-by-frame granularity, and audio clip timing can be adjusted with sub-frame accuracy.
  • Instant Preview
    No more waiting to import or pre-render video: KineMaster allows you to instantly preview your edits as soon as you make them.
  • Multitrack Audio
    Up to four additional audio tracks are supported, and an unlimited number of audio clips can be added per track.
  • Multiple Layers
    KineMaster supports unlimited text, image, handwriting and sticker layers, as well as up to two video layers on supported devices. Layer position can be precisely controlled, and layers can be animated using preset animation effects or via keyframe animation.
  • Color Adjustment
    Add color filters to your video, and finely adjust video brightness, contrast and saturation to achieve exactly the look that you want. Full color-LUT support coming soon!
  • Speed Control
    Adjust the speed of your video from 0.25x up to 1.5x without distorting the audio pitch, to achieve slow- and fast-motion effects.
  • Pro Audio Features
    Fine tune audio by adjusting the volume envelope over time to achieve the precise effect that you want. Multiple audio formats are supported, or you can separate the audio track from a video clip to edit separately. Dynamic range compression coming soon!
  • Chroma Key
    Video layers now support chroma key compositing, allowing full green screen support, including preview of the alpha mask and detailed adjustment of the curve used to blend the chroma key edges.
  • Voice Recording
    KineMaster allows you to record audio while previewing your project, allowing you to easily add multiple voiceover tracks to any video.
  • Many more
    KineMaster includes many more features as well, such as voice changer filters, control of exporting frame rate, bitrate and resolution, and support for a variety of video, audio and file formats.

With so many interesting features offered, don’t waste your time just download KineMaster from here and start producing your high-quality video.

KineMaster App Download

KineMaster or KineMaster Pro is available for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad) devices. You can download KineMaster App from Google Play Store, App Store (iTunes), or other trusted sources. Be sure you download KineMaster only from trusted source.

  • KineMaster Pro Video Editor on Google Play Store can be downloaded here
  • KineMaster Pro Video Editor on App Store (iTunes) can be downloaded here
  • KineMaster Pro Video Editor from other trusted sources can be downloaded here


KineMaster App Download for Android

KineMaster or KineMaster Pro Video Editor is mainly available for any Android devices. KineMaster app will work on any Android mobile devices like Samsung, Micromax, Motorola, Xiaomi, OPPO, Asus, Oneplus, LG, HTC, Lenovo, Lava, etc.

To use KineMaster Pro Video Editor, there are two ways to install it for Android devices,

  • Install from Google Play Store app
  • Install from KineMaster APK

Download KineMaster through Google Play Store

In this section will be introduced how to install KineMaster Pro Video Editor through Google Play Store

Step 1. Go to Google Play Store app on our Android smart phone

Step 2. Search for the “KineMaster” app in the top search bar on our screen

Step 3. After the search results shown, click on KineMaster. The app page will appear and tap on Install button.

KineMaster google play install

Step 4. After click the install button, you’ll be shown a permissions page. Check it and click accept button in the permissions page. Download process will start after permissions page got your acceptance.

KineMaster google play permission

Step 5. KineMaster Pro Video Editor has been installed and ready to use.

Download KineMaster using APK

Sometimes installation using Google Play Store is unavailable. Another option to install KineMaster Pro Video Editor is install it using APK from trusted source. This section will introduce step by step guidelines to install KineMaster Pro Video Editor using APK from trusted source.

Step 1. Go to this download page and get the latest version of the APK.

Step 2. After downloading the APK, install it into your device.

Step 3. Open KineMaster Pro Video Editor

Setting Unknown Source for Android: Do it, if the installation failed

In some cases, some people found that KineMaster Pro didn’t work out in their device. If your KineMaster Pro is not working you should try to enable your “unknown sources” setting. Go to your “Settings” menu and check the unknown sources.

kinemaster app

KineMaster App Download for iOS, iPhone, iPad

If you are an iPhone or iPad user, to install and use KineMaster Pro in your iPhone or iPad, there are two options to install in your iPhone or iPad. First option is install using iTunes service. Do this following steps:

  1. Go to App Store in your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Search for the “KineMaster” app in the top search bar on our screen.
  3. Click get icon.
  4. Click install icon.
  5. Run KineMaster Pro app.

Another option to install KineMaster Pro without iTunes is using emulator. It needs more steps before you can use it. It requires extra work to do and recommended for advanced user who experiences Jailbreaking. For you who can’t use iTunes for installing KineMaster Pro, you can use the help of third-party program that can run KineMaster APK on your iPhone or iPad. You can use popular android emulator in iPhone or iPad such as iAndroid or any other emulator you may found. So here is the thing you need to do :

  1. Download Android Emulator for iPhone and iPad, e.g. iAndroid from Cydia.
  2. Install it on your iPhone or iPad, and do the Setting (if needed).
  3. Download KineMaster Pro installer file from here.
  4. Export it to your iOs device and run it into your Android Emulator that have been installed in your device.
  5. Run KineMaster Pro app.

KineMaster App Download for Windows, PC, Laptop

KineMaster Pro also doesn’t come built for PC, there are also no installer available for windows PC. In order to use KineMaster Pro for your PC, you can install an Android emulator in your PC then install and use KineMaster Pro on top of the emulator. There are several popular Android emulators for windows PC such as Bluestack or Genymotion. We tried to use KineMaster Pro using Android emulator and it works quite well. Here are the steps to install and use KineMaster Pro in your windows PC :

  1. Download BlueStacks from here. Tips: you will need to secure at least 2GB space on your PC, to make this emulator run smoothly.
  2. Install BlueStacks on your PC, and do the Setting (if needed). You need to use your gmail account to register and login into BlueStacks.
  3. Download KineMaster Pro installer file from KineMaster Download Page.
  4. Open KineMaster Pro apk using your BlueStacks. Right click on the KineMaster Pro apk and select “Open With”. Choose the emulator (BlueStacks in this case). There will be a notification after you done installing KineMaster Pro app.
  5. Run the KineMaster Pro app.

download kinemaster pro

KineMaster App Download for Windows Phone

Officially KineMaster App is not yet available for Windows Phone devices. We have to wait until KineMaster developer release official KineMaster app for Windows Phone device.

KineMaster App Download for Nokia Lumia

Officially KineMaster App is not yet available for Nokia Asha (powered by Symbian OS) and Nokia Lumia (powered by Windows OS) phone. We will inform you soon if any update regarding release of KineMaster for Nokia Asha and Nokia Lumia.

KineMaster Download

Please go to this KineMaster Download page for more information about downloading KineMaster app.

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